Supplementary BITZER information concerning lubricants

(see also

  • Technical Information KT-500
    “BITZER refrigeration compressor oils for reciprocating compressors”
  • Technical Information ST-500
    “BITZER refrigeration compressor oils for screw compressors”
  • Technical Information EST-500
    “BITZER refrigeration compressor oils for scroll compressor stationary applications”
  • Technical Information AT-640
    “Use of ammonia (R717) in BITZER compressors” – chapter: “Oils and their influence on the system design”
  • Technical Information AT-660
    “Use of propane (R290) and propene (R1270) in semi-hermetic BITZER compressors” – paragraph: “Oils”
  • Operating Instructions KB-120 and KB-130
    “Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for CO2 applications”